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Repair and maintenance services

We support Microsoft Windows 98se, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Parts and software is extra.
Free removal and disposal of computer components working or not.
Desktop computer repair.
Laptop computer service.
Virus detection/removal.
Repair internet connection issues.
Hardware and software installation including printers, scanners, hard drives, monitors, unboxing and setting up your new computer, Office suite, chat programs, etc.- no job too small.
Home networking wired and wireless including connecting your computer to the internet.
Complete PC tune-up.

PC tune up includes:

 Remove unnecessary programs from the computer startup.
Update virus software and check for viruses.*
Check for and remove spyware and/or browser hijackers.
Uninstall unnecessary programs.
Delete "trash" files and temporary files.
Remove unnecessary network settings.
Run diagnostic software and correct disk and/or directory errors.
Defrag the hard drive for better performance.
Run Windows updates and install patches.

* May require additional costs to purchase anti-virus software.

 We also custom build computers.
Note: All pcs we build are going to be high end. If you want to save money we suggest you click here. You can find a computer or laptop for less than $500 through our shopping portal.

Contact us and let us know what you are looking for in a computer for an estimate.

 We provide in home training including but not limited to the following subjects:
How to use the internet and e-mail
How to navigate and use your computer
How to keep your computer secure and safe.
How to design basic web pages using HTML.

We offer custom static and dynamic webpage design.  We can consult you on choosing a website name, configure and set up the domain name and hosting service.  We can also set up and maintain a social media presence.  All you do is tell us what content to update and we will do the rest.  We offer hourly and monthly rates depending on your needs.  Contact us for pricing. 
We service Cleveland, McClain, Oklahoma, Canadian, Garvin, Grady, Pottawatomie, and Seminole Counties within a 50 mile radius of Lexington Oklahoma.  See Areas we serve for more detailed maps.
If you live in a residence:
We charge $40 an hour.
$40 for up to the first hour, $20 up to each additional 1/2 hour.

If you are outside of a twenty mile radius we charge $0.35 a mile and an additional $40 travel fee. Outside of a 40 mile radius the additional fee is $60


We offer a senior discount as well. To qualify for the discount you must be 65 years young or older and present a valid state issued picture ID.
We charge $30 an hour.
$30 up to the first hour, $15 up to each additional 1/2 hour.

If you are outside of a twenty mile radius we charge $0.35 a mile and an additional $40 travel fee.  Outside of a 40 mile radius the additional fee is $60
If you are a business:
$45 up to the first hour, and $35 up to each additional 1/2 hour.
We charge $0.40 a mile travel fee up to the first 20 miles.  $0.45  a mile + $50 travel 20 – 50 miles $.45 a mile and a $65 travel fee.  If your business is outside of a 50 mile travel radius you can contact us to discuss travel rates. 

*Please be aware that actual travel distance will be determined by the actual path to get there, not by the radius maps provided.  They are only used as a general guide of area coverage. 

Contact us to schedule an appointment to have a qualified technician service your computer.

Please include the following:

If What issue(s) you are experiencing..
What your operating system and your known computer information.
When was the last time it was working properly and what happened to make that change?
Any other information you can give us related to your issue.


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